Competition Details


by demon

Jellyfish-flood-shelter can float upon the water when there is a flood.It is made of water-proofed material(PVC).The dome shaped roof can resist severe environmental conditions. It has the bright color for long-distance recognizability,in case the searching teams come to rescue the flood victims.

The construction is very simple.When the valves are turned on,the compressed sponge(cheaper than air-pump or other equipments) inside the shelter can suck air and auto-inflate and then force the 6 main fiberglass poles to be depolyed.It's easy to dismantle it to a small package by folding the poles and pushing all air out.It can be re-used many times.

The basement tube is divided into 6 separate sections to reduce puncture effect.On top of the roof there's a bowl shape structure,which can collect rainwater to boil for drinking,because water often gets contaminated during a flood.

Jellyfish-Flood-Shelter can be kept in house or delivered by government.It can accommodate at least 6 people each time.The isolated 6 rooms combine pillows,bed-sheets and blankets,so government can deliver food or other vital stuff rather than these.In the center of the shelter there's a toilet (isolated for more hygienty).The ventilation is good,fresh air goes into the shelter though meshed windows, which keep out insects,then circulates inside the shelter.So living in such shelter should decrease chances of having illnesses.

Jellyfish-Flood-Shelter can be joined to others by using ropes on the outer edge of the basement, so people would feel safer and it will be easier for the searching team to rescue them.

In addition, people can sit on the basement ring and steer the shelter to some safer place by paddles or something else.