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Floatable Public Bench Shelter

by yifeng Du

Some areas of the world are often flooded. My project enables people to survive during a flood not only in highly populated public areas. But also in less populated ones, where rescue teams can not easily find and rescue people.
On February 2007 In Malaysia, 1.2 million people were besieged in the flood .But there were not enough rescue teams to rescue the flood victims. So it is necessary for the victims to help themselves by the public facilities. During a flood, victims are forced to find a higher place to survive. So my suggested “Floatable benches” are situated in many public places all over the city (streets, parks, etc.)
You can find this kind of public bench shelters everywhere and safe yourselves with them.
When the flood increases, the bench raises from the basement and automatically starts floating. After opening the bench, flood victims can unfold a boat with a shelter giving place to two up to four people. The shelter floats on the water, so people can move it to a safer place to live. The victims can move the shelters and join them that they are more stable and safe for people to live in.
The bench is made of fiberglass and can be used and reused for many years. The government can put some instant food inside the bench; the victims will have something to eat for a few days to wait for the rescuers. Inside the bench, the shelter contains the mosquito net, so there will be less chance for the people getting sick.