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"Twist Shelter" – rapid response crisis accomodation

by Steven Swain

This proposal is an idea for rapid response crisis accommodation for natural or man-made disasters, which historically renders hundreds of people homeless. It is a design intended to provide temporary accommodation for 1 or 2 weeks providing primitive means of comfort until more sophisticated temporary accommodation can be supplied.

The “twist” is constructed out of moisture proof, twin wall corrugated cardboard which has excellent insulative qualities. The twist shelter is a single person shelter, with built in table, storage and seating so people may have a storage and working surface raised off the ground with the comfort of seating. The shelter/tent zone has a double layer of cardboard for its cushioning qualities and extra insulation between the earth and the occupant.

Being die-cut and folded card, the “twist” may be manufactured rapidly overnight in response to a crisis, flat packed and on a plane to anywhere in the world the next day, or alternatively, pre-produced and stored for distribution.

Being made of completely recycled materials, the twist may be recycled again after use, or used as fuel for cooking and warmth.

The twist is seen as a practical, low-cost, environmentally friendly rapid response measure, giving temporary solace to those faced with devastation.