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Plug & Stay

by Mario Rinke

Plug & Stay provides a simple and efficient concept for temporary shelter in most of possible climatic and geographic areas. Its modular system consists of 4 basic elements, which form a triangle shaped shelter that is expandable on each side providing a wide range of possible structures hosting big families or single persons. The use of just 4 types of structural elements ensures a economic, fast and easy way of errection, maintenance and dismantling. The elements are designed in that way that in total element for two single shelters can be stored in one small ISO container. Their robustness and compact shape provide a leight but resistant structure that is even more efficient when combined to a larger shelter. This and the fact that all floors and ceilings can be adjusted due to their also triangular and evenly shaped elements using steel, aluminium and timber as building materials and inludes a simple and effiicient water supply and management system makes the Plug and Stay concept a very flexible, sustainable and economic solution for a temporary shelter.