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AIDER - "Airborne Instantly Deployable Emergency Relief"

by Lars Martin Haukohl
Co-authors: Lars Martin Haukohl, Mads Heje Petersen, Liv Flindt Mathiesen

AIDER - Airborne Instantly Deployable Emergency Relief

One of the most important things to do when responding to an emergency is to insure that the help gets through as fast as possible. We have focused on finding a faster way to distribute help, instead of today’s slow, often impossible, ground transportation. Getting the help out instantly will save life and prevent disease, until supplementary help can arrive after 14 days.

The AIDER is a new generation of emergency relief tents which offers a complete response solution. It is deployable from the air, and will be thrown out of an aeroplane; hence the tent functions as a parachute bringing the emergency package safely to the ground. The AIDER is packed so that it can be transported manually, and distributed using the existing ground transportation method as well. AIDER is designed to fall at high velocity, making it easier to target the drop zone even in rough weather conditions. The air vents in the roof and sides are designed to optimise aerodynamic properties. On the ground the air vents functions as ventilation holes covered with impregnated PermaNet. The light grey and bright orange colour insures high visibility and ideal indoor climate, while providing a neutral appearance.

The AIDER is designed as a combined tent and emergency help pack, with food, water, sanitation and comfort supplies for 4 people for 14 days. The emergency pack is placed in pockets in the floor of the tent which insures that the pack is secured. Once on the ground the floor is easily folded out and zipped on to the sides of the tent for a perfectly stable waterproof seal. AIDER contains two separate sleeping areas, divided by a central aisle.
AIDER is easily reloaded and folded back to its packed position, - ready for reuse.