Competition Details

Flexible space

by Pedro Marques

The initial idea for my project was to apply the concept of the Schindler-Chace house from Rudolph Schindler to a space for a shelter in case of a natural catastrophe. This concept consists in the construction of a two-family house. My goal was to create a shelter for two families to create an approximation between the people, so that together they could be more accompanied and protected, becoming “each other psychologists” more early over coming the devastation feeling of the post-catastrophe.
My project consists in a volume of 4metres each side that subdivides itself into three volumes: two side volumes that make out the storage and service spaces such as the toilette and the area when meals are to be prepared; the central space, bigger, will be the living area, which is flexible: it is early changeable according to the different phases of the day. At night, this space is divided into two spaces: one is occupied by the beds and other is an empty space to enable the circulation of people. During the meals period, the beds are folded up and a table occupied a central area. After the meals, the table is stored and the central space is organized with some elements (stools and sofas) that are set on the structure under the beds.
This central space may be smaller and the shelter will have 4 by 2,7metres.
Structurally, this shelter use a metallic structure covered by aluminium plates. In the interior, the space is characterized by furniture in plastic.
My purpose with the creation of a space like that was for it to be early transported by any means of transport because this box can be divided in three different volumes and also for it to be flexible since it can be early mounted and dismounted.