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Nuclear bamboo

by juan figueroa

The atomic explosion in the Second World War marked the end of the scientific and rational age. Now we are in a new age of sensibility for life and humanization. Our goal is to switch the industrial societies into a positive one and do small acts to help people.

Nuclear bamboo is a temporary emergency shelter composed by three main parts.
First an outside bamboo structure, second two capsules bamboo that contains kitchen and bathroom and third two layers of canvases that open or close according to the climate.

Third world:
A simple technology will make it possible to do this project in a third world country.

Why bamboo:
We use bamboo as the base material due to its resistance, economy and low environmental impact.

Community Concept:
The units are designed to be pile in different positions. This allows us to generate a common place with the feeling of a neighborhood.

Three units fit in a commercial container or a truck to optimize the delivery.

One of the components of the living unit are the two bamboo capsules located both sides of the structure. These flexible spaces make the living unit adaptable to any habitant: from a single person to families

Single person:
NB-01-BC (bathroom and kitchen)
Families or couples:
NB-02-C: kitchen
NB-03-B: bathroom

80% Bamboo:
Used in the structure, floor and capsules
5% iron:
Used in an assembly and unions
15 % polyester:
Finishing of slipping areas; bathroom and kitchen. Also cover canvases