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manglar shelter

by juan figueroa

Is looking for new symbols that communicate unity and challenge the interpretation of the public space. So this emergency shelter will insert a new image that generate new uses and new approached to the public space for the community.
---------- BASIC SHELTER
This capsule of 5 mt2 contains a survival kit and numerous layers of canvas that can be tie up into an internal bamboo post. The quantity of canvas’ layers is according to the weather or location. This capsule has provisions and water enough to allowed two adults subsist for two month.
Each unit is composing by three tents attached to a mast that convert the mechanical energy from the wind in to electricity, and distributed this electricity in to the tents.
10 units or 30 tents are able to fix in a commercial container.
You will need special sanitation arrangements because there will be no water to waste in lavatories: toilet
----------SURVIVAL KIT
Drinking water, food
Portable radio and spare batteries
Bedding, sleeping bags, changes of clothing
Portable stove and fuel, pans,
Torches with spare bulbs and batteries, matches
Table and chairs
Toilet articles soap, toilet rolls, bucket and plastic bags
Clock (mechanical) and calendar, notebook and pencils for messages
Brushes, shovels and cleaning materials, rubber or plastic gloves, dustpan and brush
First aid kit: with household medicines.
----------WHY ?
Wind energy is plentiful, renewable, widely distributed, clean, and reduces toxic atmospheric and greenhouse gas emissions.