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Shelter my Family

by Tânia Salgado

My shelter of emergency relief is based on the hawaiian houses and will maked for during a volcanic eruption. The characteristics of this shelter consist mainly of the creation of an inclined roof (influences hawaiians/to slide of leached ashes) and of its rise of the soil about a meter. Characteristics these that weighed had to the raised number of ashs expelled for a Vulcan. Thus, my project is based in a container of 2,50x4m respectively width and length, when the open container and 2,30m of height. The ideia to draw a container that is closed, drift of being one better characteristic for the transport of this shelter for the disaster place, being closed with dimensions such as 2,50x3,25m respectively width and length for 2,30m of height, where the remaining elements of construction are dismountable. The access to this container, seen to be high of the soil, is made through fixed stairs that are structure of sustentation of the shelter (iron). How much its covering, this can be made through expanded polyethylene or of some straps of pvc, also would go to have a structure of iron of easy assembly (structure of the tents of easy campism/ease transport). In its interior, this shelter is a space total opened that has two beds that they can be struck for its main function when is necessary; a table that also contains the characteristic of the beds; 4 banks that serve its function in the act of the meals, also serving in its interior for the rank of some personal goods; a furniture of food preparation with a board; a mobile wall (guided for guides that they are in the soil) to divide the space to sleep of the kitchen space, and a completely closed space that serves of bath house.