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by kraipop tohtubtiang

Air is a substantial resource available everywhere and can be used every time.

Inflatable shelter: is the combination between inflatable boat and tent using air as the most significant core structure in order to (reduce high weight structure and increase more area in transportation)

It can be used as a temporary shelter or emergency vehicle. It can be kept in an area where often encounters with inundation.

Installation steps:
1. attach paddle into the ground
2. inflate the air into a shelter
3. rope the top of shelter with tip of the paddle and attach with … (anchor = สมอเรือ) into the ground
4. rope the other two tips with …… and fix it in the ground
5. unfold a canvas screen of the shelter …;.

It can store the water instead of the air in order to reserve it in the future consumption and it can help increase the weight against the wind as well.