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by Jonathan Kim
Co-authors: Jonathan Kim, Thomas Herrström, Calle Uggla, Magnus Sparrman

The Sanctuary concept is inspired by the tragedy which had struck so many innocent lives in the Indian Ocean earthquake in 2004. Of those who have perished in the aftermath, approx. 430 persons of Swedish nationality were recorded killed. This is of great significance since Barometrik is a partly Swedish based concept design firm. Sanctuary is our solution to future natural catastrophes near any region in the world which is susceptible to tsunamis.

This compact and lightweight shelter is made of DuPont Tyvek for its lightweight, moisture repelling, water, tear, chemical resistance, flexibility, opacity and highly recyclable, resistant to blood and water borne microbes. The entire weight of the shelter is approx. 10-15kg for ease of storage, delivery and relocation. The entire shelter is created with a biodegradable potato starch wireframe structure which automatically springs into shape from its flat compressed state. The top of the shelter is made of a highly reflective material for visibility in low light conditions from above with a more reflective painted “x” mark to assist rescue planes and helicopters to locate the lost and stranded people. The shelter is made of a double layer of Tyvek to increase its durability and insulation qualities for change in temperature. The bottom floor of the shelter is reinforced with a environmentally friendly biodegradable water repellent coating which is protective 20cm above floor height. Included supplies are FIRST AID KIT-for tending to minor wounds and scrapes, BLANKET-used to keep warm in the evening when the temperature drops dramatically, TOWEL-to be used to keep dry, TEMPORARY SANDALS-used for those who have lost their footwear during the tsunami incident(made of biodegradable potato starch). The entire shelter can be easily recompressed and rolled to a new location if the tides of the ocean begin to indicate another tsunami surge.