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Fossil Fish Home

by EtherealStudio
Co-authors: Giuseppe Ruscica

FFH (Fossil Fish Home) consists of a living unit of about 7.00 sqm, of easy transport and assembly. The final configuration is far away from the usual concept of the “house in a box”.
Every housing unit can be a shelter for two people. The combination of more units can satisfy a variety of living needs.
During transport, the several components of the cell are folded and occupy a volume 8.6 times smaller than the deployed one, which is about 24 cubic metres.
The rigid parts constituting the envelope and the ground floor are made of recycled composite wood panels. Their surface is coated with a waterproof film of various colours.
Part of the envelope consists of a double layered fabric with an air gap inside. The exterior sheet is made of PVC, making the living unit waterproof.
It's supported by a framework reminding a fishbone of ancient fishes.
The inner sheet is made of cotton and it's fixed on the lower part of the “fishbone”.
The skeleton of the cell presents several holes to allow air circulation between the two sheets, favouring cooling in warm climates.
The other way around, ventilation can be stopped when there is the need to accumulate heat, also improving thermal insulation of the cell.
The area facing the entrance of the living unit is protected from sunlight, thanks to an unusual up-and-over door which, once opened, allows to extend living space out of the house.
This design tries to individualize a low-cost, easy deployable and charming prefabricated system.