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shelter design for tropical cyclone

by Saima Khan

Disaster: Tropical cyclone accompanied by heavy rainfall.

Location : Coastal and hilly areas of Chittagong, Bangladesh.


• Inspiration – Form and Structure of an umbrella.

• Amenities – Sleeping unit consisting of beds and storage facilities.

Separate units for toilet and kitchen facilities ensure proper sanitation.

Design : An elliptical plan in a SW-NE orientation and a domed roof offers least resistance to the SW wind flow.

Structure and Mechanism:

• Framework of dome: Eight curved steel bars act as ribs for the dome, connected by a small elliptical steel ring on top. Holes at the top edge of the bars fit onto projections on the ring and are capped tight. At the base, these bars spread to give a hexagonal footing, which is pegged onto the ground. An extension at the rib base can unfold to elevate the structure in case of rising water levels.

Portability: The ribs can be swung in and folded in a horizontal clockwise direction when dismounted.

• Floor: The floor rests on small racks that swing out along hinges from the ribs. When elevated, an additional pole with circular top supports the floor.

Portability: An elliptical board is divided radially into eight pie segments, which can be folded along butterfly hinges and stacked on top of another.

• Skin: Teflon cloth, attached to ribs by rings and hooked onto the floor boards through reinforced holes, cover the frame. On the NE side, away from the wind, is a zipped door opening.

Lighting: Hurricane lamps can be hung from the ring at the top of the frame.


• Shelf can be put up inside the structure on racks from the ribs.

• Pockets may be sewn on the inside of the skin cloth.

• The structure can be dismounted, stored, and transported easily.