Competition Details

Magic Shelter

by Marta Miranda

This Project has intended to the dislodged hurricane people, and can be possibly utilized to all the naturals’ catastrophes.
We can see on the first image the shelter, on his original form, one cube totally closed and like the cube can be carried forward. Being the measures of the total closed cube are: 2,40m x 1,80m x 2,20m.
This shelter has been produce with aluminium structure and with plywood coverture that contains a system of rollers that opens in two equal parts that gets 90 º angles.
In each lateral exist a fixed panel that was been fixed with a hinge, and they can be open according to the each one necessity.
The shelter when is open own an acrylic plate, that substitute the ceiling, and for where we can get and see natural light.
In one of the laterals we can see three beds, two of them are visible, and one is inside a large drawer. On the extremity and superior beds sides we have spaces designated to the arrangement.
On the other lateral we can find a little kitchen that contains the water cistern in is inferior part, and on his side we have the WC that only contains the shower and the toilet.
On the third image we have the tent that protects all the shelter, the structure has placed on the principal hinge shelter. The tent contains five supports, one fixed and the others are to be applied. The impermeable tissue of the covering is keeping inside the cube, and you only applied when is necessary.
We can visualize on the fourth image all the shelter in is “Natural Habitat” for that was been projected.