Competition Details


by Vera Gomes

“Modular House” was designed to be adapted to natural catastrophes, with special focus in earthquakes. These kinds of catastrophes may occur in almost any part of the planet and the reconstruction of the affected areas takes, some of the times, one or two years. This fact compelled me to create something that permits long time sheltering.
Versatility, mobility, ecology and communication are the references of the entire project.
This space has an area of 5,07X 2,50X 2,20m, divided into three modules: kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. However, the space has the capability of being adapted to the number of family elements. The central module, the bedroom, can be merged with as many other similar modules as desired. Communication is something that should exist in crisis periods so that the mutual support between families can exist. So, with folds between modules, a communitarian space can be created, with an eventual central backyard.
Two of the modules – the kitchen and the bedroom – are equipped with water reservoir, which can supply water during a certain period of time.
The project can be used in almost any part of the world. The modules are made of plastic structures, so that later it can be recycled. This material was also chosen for its translucent and opaque characteristics, so the exterior light can be used and the creation of private zones, like the shower, can be easily made.
The slightness and the resistance of the material is particularly important, so it can be easily transported by air, leading to greater mobility of the building.
“Modular House” is a minimalist house, giving families the privacy and communication needed, which can be adapted to each family.