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by dirk hebel
Co-authors: INSTANT, Dirk Hebel, Jörg Stollmann, Tobias Klauser

United Bottle
“United Bottle” is a PET water bottle and a prefabricated building unit. Leading producers of mineral water as well as NGOs use it for their water sale or distribution. The bottle is integrated into the regular PET recycling circuits. It arrives in foiled six-packs on palettes at the local stores and is collected and recycled with the help of a bottle deposit system. In the case of crisis, the bottles are taken from those circuits and are distributed via the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) into the respective zones. “United Bottle” allows for solar drinking water disinfection (SODIS). The tuck-in system generates secure connections that resist torsion. This system also allows for using it as a building material. In combination with UN tent blankets, for example, “United Bottle” functions as a solid shelter construction and as water reservoir. Filled with local materials like sand, stones, earth, “United Bottle” turns into a construction material of temporary or even long-term shelters. Local knowledge of building techniques, improvisation, and misuse of consumer waste is employed to build independent smaller buildings and add-on to and repair existing structures.