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Folding City

by Brian Clark

The "Folding City" is designed to afford limited, but sustainable shelter for families or small groups of people affected by any disaster that renders their homes uninhabitable.

Its relatively compact design can be deployed with standard flatbed-type trucks with the use of articulated cranes or sufficient manpower. Each unit contains the needed items for its complete erection. Recyclable materials such as aluminum, polyethylene, and wood make up the framework so when the shelter’s useful life has been reached it can be disassembled and recycled as needed.

To use the shelter the floor is folded down from the side of the main container, aluminum bows and canvas (or similar polymer-type fabric) is attached over the bows. A doorway is then folded out and attached to one end.
Inside there are amenities for several people to live, including a lavatory, a micro kitchen area and sleeping compartments (lavatory type can be configured similar to recreational vehicles using minumal liquid or as a dry, replaceable bag type without liquid). Configured as shown in the images, multiple units can be ganged together to create an extremely weather tolerant grouping. Available vestibules for the ends can be applied as needed for protection against direct harsh wind. Facilities such as electrical, fresh water supply and grey water return systems can be routed between adjacent units and serviceable tanks. Depending upon the specific scenario a "Folding City" can be used for indefinite periods of time.

When the Folding City is no longer needed the components are merely sanitized, repacked, and available to be re-used in the future.