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“3house” is a temporary living module to be used in emergency situations (especially floods, tsunamis, etc.). It is made up of an inflatable pneumatic structure in Hypalon-Neoprene, divided into two air cavities. The first one, which is larger, supports the cell and forms the trampling surface; there is a metal hook (welded in the fabric) at each corner of this hexagon. The bands supporting the module on the tree are fastened to these hooks. The second one, which is lighter, forms the covering, and it is cut along three sides so as to allow the entry into the module and the aggregation. Being inflatable, it is small-sized, light-weighted, and easily transportable. Thanks to the particular material used, it is weather-proof and washable. The entrances are closed by shades made up of the same material (in order to ensure impermeability), which are connected by double zips: they can therefore be totally removed or simply rolled up and tied up. There are three pillows behind the shades: they serve as doors, but can be removed when required and used as modular fittings for the interior.
The bands supporting the “3house” are connected to the vertical axis through an aluminum link multiplier, and are fastened to the base by spring catches. Above, two more cables allow to link the structure to the tree branches with the aid of a polyester band. The anchorage is secured to the first branching, the most solid one; this solution guards the integrity of the tree, avoiding frameworks and hurts. Below, another band tightened around the trunk prevents swinging movements.
The “3house” project starts as a house on the tree, but it blends technologies derived from mountaineering, camping and sailing.