Competition Details


by Jenna Gravitter, Krissy Gay
Co-authors: Jenna Gravitter, Kristine Gay, Danielle Fosdick, Joshua Freimuth, Benjamin Krumenauer, Christopher Vorpahl, Jacob Hasseler, Kyle Waelchli, Patrick Larson


Design Objective
Large scale natural disasters destroy homes and utilities leaving individuals and families in need of immediate assistance. The typical response time for emergency shelters is three weeks. Our solution fills this three week gap.

Shipment and Deployment
A fleet of semi-trailers are stored with 52 shelters per trailer and will be deployed immediately after aid is requested. To be effectively stored and quickly distributed, the shelters are compressed from 364 cubic feet to 56 cubic feet. By compressing to an easily handled size, weight, and shape, each shelter can be unloaded, moved, and expanded by one person.

Self-Sufficient Design
The Modularc is designed to be self-sufficient. Each shelter contains a hygiene kit, a cot with bedding, a table, chair, a fan, a lantern, and a radio among other supplies. They also include food and water for three days and a biodegradable disposable toilet. After the first three days, the shelters are used in conjunction with separate food and sanitation services. The shelters act as they own shipping containers and include all of the emergency supplies and material for expansion.

Individual and Shared Space
The shelter consists of to well ventilated rooms, a sleeping area and a communal area, that are separated by a solid door. The side panels of the communal side are unzipped for access or connection to other shelters. Multiple shelters are easily zipped together side by side to create a larger communal space on the one half, while keeping the other half private.

Durable and Lightweight
The tent fabric, molded plastic core and arched design of the shelter provide protection in temperate climates from strong winds and rain.

When the shelters are no longer needed, they can be cleaned, restocked with new supplies, compressed, and stored for reuse.