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Emergency shelter for victims of a TROPICAL CYCLONE

by Tanita Choudhury

DISASTER – Tropical cyclone

LOCATION – The coastal areas of Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh


1. Inspiration – Form and mechanism inspired from the local ‘RICKSHAW’

2. Amenities – A sleeping unit comprising of storage facilities. Smaller units accommodating basic needs and supplies such as toilet and kitchen.

MATERIALS – Steel tubing, waterproof Teflon fabric


1. Since the structure adapts the mechanism of the local RICKSHAW, it may be an easy solution for mass production.

2. The length of the steel tubing can be adjusted vertically by elongating and locking the tube with the help of spring. (like an umbrella).

3. Hence the structure can be easily concise to smaller length and dimension and can achieve compactness when collapsed and folded.

4. This ensures portability.


1. When folded, the steel tubing rest one on top of the other achieving a negligible height.

2. These are attached to the Teflon cloth by means of hooks and are pivoted at a centre.

3. This allows the structure to be swung open and unfolded vertically in an anticlockwise direction.

4. The structure hence adapts a snail-like shape, which adds a sculptural quality.


1. The snail-like shape helps to redirect the flow of wind over the structure, thus reducing an aerodynamic lift.

2. Tiny openings are also provided to ensure ventilation and prevent wind entering the shelter to lift it up.


1. Tiny pockets are provided on the skin of the structure for storage.

2. The height of the entranceway of the shelter can be adjusted by using the jack system clamped to the steel tubing.