Competition Details

Time refuge

by Nadia Oboukhova


basic characteristics of the project
montage conditions
fast – raising,light,dismantling and built – up in the conditions of another situation,constructive and transformable with the possibility of elements addition
working conditions
hardness fire – safety,functional solution versions,ability of the constructive elements to be modified
vital activity
built –in furniture,built –in lighting and infrared heater,bio-toilet,water tank,some information
socially psychological rehabilitation
introducing personal space,possibility socially contacts provision,possibilities of personal choice of environment formation,reflection of temporariness in architecture which fakes place in life
multiple use,utilization is not necessary
constructive and technological features
technology mounting is simplified maximally.blocks are three – layer panels.block weight 26 -39kg.mounting doesn’t demand special training and special building machinery.block with slot and protrusion for joining.have plolonged opening for joining with the help of common pipe bar.modification of building materials according to the climatic conditions.2-3 men carry out the montage
Features of socially psychological rehabilitation
when a person is a state there is the necessity to define the reference points, to fix his consciousness in order to stop panic.exists thanks to the present and moves ahead forcasting the future.our memory is kept in the things structure ( texture, color, smell, temperature, sounds).the present mast be light and changeable as for any wishes and needs of a man.the future mustn’t be hidden in order to see the perspectives.a man can choose different modules in according with the personal preferences.some people live by the past and some leave by the present.building are temporal shelter for man his past, present and his thoughts of the future
a man feels safe thanks to simple geometric forms.outer space is controlled, diversified and helps to establish social and space contacts.