Competition Details


by boris bollmann

about tecu / >tent cube

>the basic module has 7 sqm / 2,75m x 2,55m / serving two persons. modules can be connected with zippers on the outer edges to 14, 21, 28 sqm partitioned units with ventilation outlets on the sides.
>100mm reinforced thermoplastic tubes form the structure. two layers of polyester taffeta form the envelope.
>no need for guy lines. the tubes can be filled with approx. 50kg of sand or water on site to provide a ballast for the fabric.
>tecu can be assembled without tools, you just need a ladder. the tubes are jointed with shaft and adhesive tape. the inner fabric layer has sleeves to fit the tubes and stretch it between the structure.
the outer layer is pulled over and snap fastened.
>tecu has a delivery volume of approx. 510mm x 2000mm x 510mm.