Competition Details


by cristiano luchetti
Co-authors: Roberto Proserpio

SHELL-TER is a cubical shape unit made of a recycled aluminum structure and EPP panels. The base of the cube contains rechargeable batteries that provide heating and electricity, the roof includes a solar panel/window. Different typologies of panels can be mounted on the structure. The main characteristic is its capability to adapt to different climatic and catastrophic conditions. The basic unit can be used after earthquakes, and an optional plug-in floatable base can be mounted to face floods. Units can be easily assembled to form clusters that will provide room for larger families or to create ground/floating porches, pedestrian walkways, emergency rooms. The entire structure can be dismantled and packed in a 238x63 cm module. A standard 40” high cube container can transport 20 complete packed units plus the optional floating accessories. Unit weight is approx 200 Kg and the heavier part weighs less than 50 Kg. The production cost is estimated between €600 and €1000 depending on the equipment.

Board1 specifications
1. Upper Junction (PA66 injection molded recycled)
2. Handling device integrated in the roof and bottom panel
3. Top panel (Expanded Polypropylene EPP: completely recyclable, Density approx 100kg/m3, thermal conductivity 0,039 W/m-K, easy to clean and disinfect also at high temperature) Can be supplied in different colors.
4. Rod (Recycled aluminum)
5. Glove compartment
6. Inflatable (PVC) Opt and removable
7. Floor foldable panel (EPP with PVC coating)
8. Gasket (EPP Foam)
9. Lower Junction (PA66 injection molded recycled)
10. Bottom panel (EPP) Grants storage space for utility devices as:
-Rechargeable battery (OPT) to be used with the solar panel
-Compressed air bottle
-Heating device (OPT) (solar panel powered)
-Water Potabilyzer
-First aid kit
11. Space for forklift insertion
12. Solar panel (100 W 12V DC)
13. Eaves Side panel (EPP)