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Home Carry Home

by Irene Maldini
Co-authors: Daniell Flain, Irene Maldini

Over the last 50 years, floods created a disaster emergency without precedent in Uruguay, eastern Argentina and southern Brazil, leaving thousands of families homeless and in need of urgent shelter assistance. Main causes are attributed to climatic alterations, constructions of dams and an intense fluvial network.
Particularly in the city of Durazno (centre of Uruguay) 12.500 people were evacuated in May, 2007.
The evacuees, most of them of low resources, inhabitants next to the rivers, are lodged in indoor places with facilities of hygienic services: sport clubs, indoor stadiums and gymnasiums. They are lodged there for periods of 15 to 60 days, with few personal objects, occuring problems of privacy, warmth and stacking. As they receive daily meals, medical and psychological attention, the problems mentioned above are the focus of the present proposal.
These groups, characterized by numerous families and several children, receive donations of mattresses, clothes and blankets.
In Uruguay, “The National Committee of Emergency” centralizes the actions in these cases. According to this project, it would manage the shipment, return and maintenance of the system, according to the emergency necessities.

We respond to the situation problems in these ways:
Transport: Cart containing shelter and system for small washings.
Temperature: A closed space, with light ceiling and partial rubber floor.
Electricity: Incorporated central illumination with aerial connection.
Sanitation: The cart turns into a small sink.
Hygiene: The public toilet is separated from the kitchen utensils.
Privacy: Total visual privacy and warmth are obtained ordering the space with elements of the conventional house.
Identification: Recognition of space. Identification of module with colours, notices with family name and members.
Stacking: Modules are provided according to the amount of occupants avoiding excesses.