Competition Details


by Huang Qiaokun

“BLOOMING SAKURA” is a streetlamp shelter for earthquake. When earthquake happens ,it can be an emergency shelter, when no earthquake happens, it is a common streetlamp .

My design concept is that when sakura blooms,it brings the season of life.I hope the shelter can like the flower,when it is opend,it give victims hope of life.

Japan has many earthquakes. Every city in Japan has many parks ,when earthquake happens, they will become emergency parks. Victims go there to keep safe and wait for shelters or aid materials from government. But in that emergent situation ,distribution will become harder, it is better for victims to help themselves firstly instead of waiting for others.

This streetlamp shelter can solve the distribution problems well.For example, Tokyo has nearly1000 parks or public green land, it has approximate 1,000,000 streetlight-shelters all over the city. It does not need transportation ,saves fuel and save time.

I don`t want to just design a shelter in traditional use,I want to change the mind of shelter.Usually shelters are sent by government or other groups. When victims do need them at a emergent situation,It`s better that victims can find the shelters by themselves in a safe place. Save more time and save more lives.

More details :
1.Victims can use shelter under the streetlamp or carry the shelter out to a safer place.(when surrounding is not safe) . shelter and lamp can stand on the ground singly.
2.Shelter can be divided into 3 single rooms or a share room for different victims.
3.Victims can turn on red alarm light to give a signal when they need medical help.
4.Usually one adult can open it singly.
5.shelter fabric can be put off from the frame. So it can be washed.
6 . the column of streetlamp is made of metal(steady,light).