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The M2 Shelter

by M2 Company
Co-authors: Jessi Finnicum,Jorge Machin,Hemant Thakare

The Modular Mobile Shelter has been designed for optimum portability, ease of construction, and durability. The sleeping units are bundled into stacks ready for shipping. The floor plan and wall sizes have all been controlled so that they can easily be shipped by truck or train to disaster areas.

They are constructible with only simple tools such as a hammer and a ratchet. The structure uses key connection joints, gravity, and simple strapping to hold tightly together and tie down. Fixtures are stowed in the base of the shelter for shipping. They are easily attached to the shelter once it is assembled and have flexible extending piping that eliminates the need for an on site plumber.

Simple furniture such as beds and a table work surface are built into the walls of the M2 Shelter. They simply fold down and lock into place when the structure is assembled. They fold back up and are secured to disassemble and relocate the structures.

The intended stay in these units is 1 to 4 months. Each M2 Shelter can house 4 people and includes a bathroom. All food and medical facilities would be provided communally. Each unit is hooked to a collective generator and freshwater supply tank. Units cluster into a “neighborhood” scheme.

Waste water and grey water are separated and stored per unit for easy recycling and disposal. Electricity is stored in batteries and can come from attachable photovoltaic panels and generator hook-ups. A semitransparent roof and windows provide ample day lighting, reducing electrical needs. Operable vents have also been provided for occupant comfort.