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by Phil O'Shaughnessy
Co-authors: Alex Flint

Inflate is a temporary inflatable shelter that is small enough to fit into a backpack and be deployed with both speed and efficiency in multiple emergency situations.

Inflate consists of two inflatable layers which enable the shelter to be set up in three alternative configurations capable of becoming a shelter in hot, cold and water environments.

Inflate can become an enclosed tent like shelter able to react effectively in either hot or cold conditions ensuring a habitable environment for any persons in need of aid.

Inflate also can be configured as a raft like structure able to float as refuge in water based emergencies.

Also due to a photovoltaic blanket which can be applied to the shelter there is not only the power required to inflate the shelter automatically but also a sustainable power source to run any necessary life support and electrical equipment from.

Therefore, inflate acts as a cost effective easily deployed unit to ensure fast and effective shelter for those effected by numerous natural disasters and emergencies.