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Magical carpet

by pediment_arch
Co-authors: YCA

Margical carpet.
These are single unit mats that can be used along with other material to build suitable shelters in disaster areas. The local material that could be used in conjunction with magical carpet units include straw mats, skins, thatched leaves, plastic sheeting or any
Other covering mateiral used locally.

One of the main issues faced with designing materials for local people is finding material
That is relevant to their cultural context. The fact that they can combine the magic carpet with local material addresses this issue.

These single unit mats can be deployed by air, carrying food and other relief aid like
Medicines, and blankets attached to them.

This is a synthetic mat, made up of a light weight material filled with a buoyant mateiral which can be used keep it floating in water.
They can be of any color.

Dimensions of each unit
The rough dimensions of each unit is approximately about 1.8m x 1m. These dimensions can be varied.

The main use of the magic carpet could be as a single unit in which the magic carpet can be used to cover individual person, they would be used by combining two units to make a small tent, can be used in conjunction with local materials to build a shed.

The magic carpet can be rolled together to form a raft to transport people.

The magic carpet can be inflated and deflated giving it structural rigidity.

These materials can be deployed from the sky, by water or even by road. Along with food packets attached to them.