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As the weather changes and the effect of Global warming becomes more prominent the world is facing more and more calamities as the day passes. The design of my relief structure is unique as it fulfills all the above said features at reasonable cost.
The structure would be made of plastic polymer (carbon fiber).The structure would comprise of four specially fabricated columns made of plastic polymer and the four walls would be made of panels of plastic (similar to wooden panels).The specialty of the columns would be that it would be having grooves on its sides at regular spacings.Along with this the panels (which are to attached to the columns) will have a projection , which would be inserted into the columns and rotated so that they get locked and subsequently the other panels can be attached among themselves using simple groove and socket arrangement (Figure 4).The roof would be a simple asbestos sheet. Using this set of arrangement not only the structure would be made strong it could be easily dismantled, transported (since it would be light) and manufactured. The other features would be like having a storage tank which would be collecting rainwater from the roof. For sanitation purpose chemical toilets can be used (space is provided ).The plastic structure would also increase the durability of the structure and make it reusable.