Competition Details

Cross Aider Transporter (CAT)

by Teo Boon Hoe Desmond

This design concept accommodates basic needs and supplies, such as insulation and first aid during earthquake disaster where emergency relief is needed most. It can be deployed in both urban and rural areas. The structure uses the technology of inputting pressurised air into the airbag which form the pillars, roofing, wall and flooring of the extension structure.

This type of structure is able to conform to the surrounding of the severe environmental condition such as the aftermath of earthquake; as the compressed air are released to form the Cross Aider Transporter (CAT), it is able to structure or cushion its base onto the broken ground. Electricity, pressured air and First Aid storage are self-supplied by the CAT as it moved & carried relief to the disaster area. Quick deployment of CAT also relieve the tension of the aftermath of disasters as it is self-deploying and aids can be quickly and efficiently distributed accordingly. Additionally, Red Cross logo will be shown on the structure to provide mental relief for those who are hurt or injured. CAT is also designed to reach disaster zone ASAP (as quick as possible).

CAT uses the existing 10 footer-truck as it base. Storage and air-structure is placed in the “box” constructed in the truck. Basic operating theater, first aid storage and other relief storage are built into the “box” structure of the truck. Air compressor, water filter system, electric generator and air regulator are some system available in CAT. CAT can also be easily mass produced so that its deployment can be fast and able to reach the earthquake areas ASAP (earthquake almost happen everyday). Additionally, CAT also uses biofuel to run its engine and other application. hence it will not released adverse impacts to the environmental.