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Shelter for rural areas in Bangladesh against monsoonal floods

by Peter Reinhold

Shelter for rural areas in Bangladesh against monsoonal floods

Bangladesh has to deal with annual monsoon flooding. If in future the sea level rises due to the impacts of the climate change the situation will become even worse. My idea of a shelter against monsoonal flooding is based on a system of modular PE (polyethylene) pontoons. During a monsoonal flood the structure based on the pontoons rises with the water level and creates a safe and dry shelter.

Advantages of the shelter system

- easy to transport
- use as social institution during normal times / as shelter during monsoonal flooding
- modular system
- same size of the pontoon reduces the costs of construction (size 3x3 meters / about 9.8x9.8 feet)
- separated pontoons for special purposes (cooking/facilities/storage)
- combination of local handcraft and industrially constructed parts
- additional space through pre-installed profiles
- anchorage system without fundament
- rainwater tank (connected with roof gutter)
- maintenance free
- long lasting with materials like aluminium
- capacity 63/117/380 laying/sitting/standing

Calculated Costs

The costs of the structure would depend on the used materials, the amount and the place of the construction. The ideal case would be if the whole flood shelter could be produced in Bangladesh.

Basic structure

Pontoons (Aluminium/PE): about 30 000 Euro (39 925 US-Dollars)

Roof (Aluminium): about 20 000 Euro (26 617 US-Dollars)

Stairs (Aluminium/Stainless steel): about 5000 Euro (6654 US-Dollars)


Stove (steel): about 500 Euro (665 US-Dollars)

Facilities about 5000 Euro (6654 US-Dollars)

Water tank (PE): about 500 Euro (665 US-Dollars)

Estimated costs for the whole Shelter about 66 000 Euro (87 836 US-Dollars)

Please watch the Video for further information’s.