Competition Details


by Simone Nauerth

In case of emergency building returns to its very beginning. Asked are intelligent solutions, fast to establish shelters or the transformation of existing localities in a creative way.

In Sicily 24 km northeast of Catania the small town Zafferana Etnea is located. For the most part the city and its inhabitants live on agriculture which is favoured by the volcanis ash and by the tourists visiting this region. A meeting point for tourists coming to see the volcano Etna is a bus stop situated at the last crossroad before the street leads to the mountain. A bus shuttle connects the city with the Etna. If the volcano erupts and people are endangered the parc of the Etna is closed and the bus stop is not needed anymore.
Formerly it was an interstation for the tourists. Now it is an interspace for the inhabitants - by easy transformation a shelter is created in between two bus stops.

With concentrated forces the people try to protect the village from the lavaflows. Therefore the shelter offers different kind of uses to back up the helpers in their work.


walls: 4 tarpaulins (folded, inside the billboard)
roof: 2 tarpaulins (convoluted, on the roof)
seats: 6 seats from the bus stops and to bring along
bench: turned down from the billboard
bar (refreshments): turned down from the billboard
entry: via the open door of the billboard
TV (showing recent news): scoreboard for the departure of the buses
rubbish bin: to turn into an electric kiln
lights: illumination of the billboard and street lights