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Doors Prototipe for Chilean Emergency Shelter

by daniel soffia
Co-authors: Daniel Soffia, Salim Rabí, Pelayo Fernández, Nicolás Venegas

The idea of this Project is to improve the actual housing conditions in terms of comfort and assistance of the Chilean Emergency Houses. In order to do so, a thematic investigation based on methodologies of immediate answers on the sudden loss of a house caused by natural disasters, from the operational and organizational perspective to the constructive systems that are involved.
It was decided to work under the concept of “Temporality”, understanding that it is a successive system of facts that are ordered chronologically.

Original Housing__Catastrophe__Emergency Housing__Definite Housing

This order allows assigning for a period of three months the duration of the Emergency Housing, which will then be dismantled in recovering these materials for the Definite House; this programming makes the project economically viable.
The constructive system proposed allows to obtain materials from any region within the country, using the concept of “Standardized Constructive Components”. In order to do so, the most inexpensive products of each component are chosen and made to fit among them according to assigned measurements in the initial scheme design. These components are present in “Home Depots” all over the country. The measurements and light weight of the components selected allow easy shipping by affordable means of transportation for the user, arriving at its destination where the “Architectural Components” will be built, floor, walls, ceiling and roof, using an adequate technological construction method. It takes 8 hours to be build with a 7 people crew, and dismantling es 45 minutes.
In terms of design, the dormitory is separated from the living room in order to create an intermediate space of access that relates the house with the context. The independent roof creates shadowing and convective ventilation and, together with the base allows to have two lateral “loggias” to be defined by the user.