Competition Details


by federico bonetto

The climate to which it responds the habitational module is a warm-tropical one, where there is a large porcentage of floods catastrophes.
The module proposes to lodge up to 5 people, and which can be adapted to host 10 people, 15 and/or 20 people, which can communicate or not, depending or the nomber of people for family.
The design is in a trapezial shape, which allows a mezzazine in the interior, helping it to not become a light crowded place, with good ventilation.
The inclined ceiling aid to the draining of the rainwater. The ground floor is a free plant where inflatable long cushions are located (beds), which can be moved with facility to give this way a versatility to the space.
The used materials are those naturally found in the area. The module is built by concrete dice which can be made, by rubble pieces leftover by the catastrophe; wooden floors and a wooden structure, petata made walls (made by two electrometallics nets filled with greed and grass), a rubber covering and a dark cloth to reduce the solar exposition.
The areas of toilets, kitchen, dining room, warehouse and informary are proposed on separated modules, in which a sanitary one would hold up to 16 people, one warehouse module, 2 kitchen modules, and 2 dining room ones. These would hold up to 512 people and an infirmary one up to 1024 people.
Stoicking can be done in large warehouses and the transportation in containers, in which one lorry can transport up to 30 housing units.