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Pump It Up House

by baires raffaelli
Co-authors: Elio Ravà, Tommaso Passalacqua


We tried to find an innovative planning idea for “emergency houses”, that is highly synthetic and at the same time has the most direct relationship between constructive technique and final result. We turn away from the concept of shelter or prefabrication searching for a product that is easy to transport in order to use less time to built emergency camps.
We think to a product that is at the same time ready to use-lodging and design object so that in emergency case we have the maximum functionality and the dignity of man, the beauty of landscape are not wasted.
Our proposal is a pre-projected house/mould that can be transported in small space (one container can transport ten mould), built in loco leaving apart technical knowledge and can be used in various situation, also from a climatically and orographical point of view.


First you have to choose the house dimension, carry it in loco and there filling the mould/house with resin, so to reach the pre-projected shape. We can think also at a non temporarily lodge.


The mould, made out of waterproof cloth, will work thanks to connected partitions ( like rubber-boat). These partitions, holding installation, are filled thanks to a compressor with resin that expands and harden in short time. The mould is the final skin of the house. The resin assures structural and crash resistance and right isolation. The necessary openings are made out of semi rigid transparent plastic with tight lock hinge.


The loose of personality typical of emergency camps (due to uniformity) is solved thanks to the possibility of making choice (shape and colour) in the bound of prefabrication and to the fact that the final product (thanks to the building process) is a manufactured article, it’s hand made by its inhabitant.