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The Chi'bagoda Project

by Joshua Doolittle
Co-authors: tony birkholz, zak rosser, garth goldstein

The Chi'bagoda Project:

An exploration of working with bamboo's tendency of cracking longitudanally upon harvesting. We are departing from traditional "solid pole" bamboo architectural methods, eliminating the tedious and time consuming obstacles associated with the hollow, sectional cavity.

The Chi'bagoda system breaks bamboo down into stable, yet flexible "organic steel" strips. We then recombine them w/out glues, investigating ancient and modern methods, transforming non "industrial grade" bamboo species into architecturally viable building materials.

Non "industrial grade"(thicker walled/less prone to cracking) species represent the majority of globally available bamboo. These strains are often viewed as an invasive pest. We will transfrom "bamboozled" into a positve term and "the poor man's building material" into "the globally conscious building material of choice".

This information will be made available in "open source" internet based instructional guides and a documentary film. We currently have outreach Chi'bagoda clinic sites waiting in China, Laos, Indonesia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama, Uganda, and S. Africa.

This process will provide an empowering and culturally appropriate means for post disaster rebuilding strategies in regions w/ locally available bamboo sources like post-tsunami SE Asia/India and post earthquake zones in Central and S. America. Pre-fabricated, canvas covered versions will provide prompt emergency shelter needs.

The "Perma Yurt" design is merely the most effecient expression of this vision. It will be the "seed" which will blossom into an entirely new species of sustainable architecture.

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