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ReFA Relief for All Disaster Relief Field Bed

by Luisa Ruge

ReFA (Relief for All) is a multipurpose survival unit designed to be distributed to disaster victims and workers by relief organizations worldwide. Although its basic form is a field bed, the individual components can be reconfigured into appropriate solutions for the time frame within a disaster and a specific user. Essentially, it is a system that adapts to various needs to instill social well being and independence in the aftermath of a disaster.
It is not meant to be disposable, it is meant to be a product that creates relief amongst the people involved in a disaster situation, thus, making it a highly functional yet emotional product. ReFA’s design aesthetics are meant to capture a sense of furniture, combined with its soft lines to make it highly approachable and user friendly. Because of its varied uses (bed, shelter, storage space, container, water purification device, transport system, fatality management system, irrigation system) it has varied users, including victims, survivors, rescue workers and disaster management teams.
It was designed to be cost effective, not only in manufacturing but also taking into account shipping and deployment standards, coming in 12 pounds lighter that if the products which serve the functions supplied by ReFA where shipped separately. All materials are either recyclable or reusable.
ReFA was designed as my senior MFA thesis in my innate belief that a valuable designer is one that makes life better, even when life is at its worst.