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Sky Assistance

by Jill Sieber

A tsunami: A surge of reoccurring waves hitting the shore without warning triggered by an earthquake on the oceans floor.

This display of the oceans destruction capability occurs sporadically all over the world and due to its high unpredictability little to no warning can be given. Though there are varying levels of force and size this act of nature can strike with a furious vengeance causing chaos upon its bystander’s.

Sky Assistance is designed with the theory of acting as an immediate stepping stone for individuals in medical crisis as well as a distribution zone of water and first aid.

This cube formed device (stored at local ports) is air delivered by helicopter housing relief items in its core. This idea is proposed as a speedy and efficient one stop delivery of all things needed to assist disaster victims. Once the cube is dropped in its targeted landing destination its sides manually unfold forming the base. Next, the framework columns (8) supporting the skin of the structure located inside the base folds up circulating the circumference of the octagonal platform. Once columns are stabilized the roofing structure is assembled and attached to the support columns. The final step is attaching the skin to the framework to enclose the space.

Depending on disaster magnitude multiple Sky Assistance structures can be delivered to maximize population care. By connecting structures and eliminating dividing walls creates a larger area to circulate and house individuals

Materials used for Sky Assistance are simple, minimal and environmentally aware. The four components consist of (1) the base platform which is constructed from wood plastic composites, (2) the structural columns which are made form recycled metal, (3) the structural roofing material made from PVC tubing and (4) the tent material of double wall constructed nylon.