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Snake Shelter

by Cristián Salinas
Co-authors: Felipe Contreras

Adapting to the environment has always been a need of the alive beings. Snake Shelter Project, captures some physical and metabolic conditions owned by snakes; the ability to adapt to inhospitable and different conditions, climates and landscape.

The project Snake is based on a series inflables modules that apart from doing of structural support, allows to control a series of variables that are essential for the adaptation to the environment.

The temperature is controlled through the air chambers and the reversible skin. The dual colouring of the skin, black and silver allows to capture and preserve the heat in cold environments and to repel the heat in warm conditions.

The skin also presents an intelligent mechanism of lighting. It allows an homogeneous and controlled natural light condition, optimizing the correct functioning in aids labor. This is achieved across the refraction and reflection of the rays of light through the skin. In both sides some “scales” of the skin are left in white color, to allow the entry of light

The modules permit drafts, bifurcations and amplifications, making the shelter multi programmatic and flexible. For example it allows to generate circuits of patients attention, to create isolate sections on them, and also it is capable to generate a circuit of shelters connected between them.

The modules, are highly transportable, economically accessible by means of mass production, and it does not need of an expertise for assemble, because the union between theme is performed through zips. The material used is basically a waterproof plastic, making it easy to wash and support rainy conditions.

The ability of adaptation and the functionality makes Snake Shetler an optimum emergency relief structure, for mostly all kind of natural disaster, such as earthquakes, floods, in mostly all kind of climates, except the very extreme ones.