Child’s Play

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by Mariana Pimentel
Co-authors: Mariana Araújo Pimentel

Made thinking about the child who carry Down Syndrome, for their development of the sense, imagining and creation of child.
The toys were the world of the child’s, where they create is imaginary, develop and learn to coexist. As all the normal child’s, the child with Down Syndrome also need stimulation for its development, but these need a personalized form, with textures, colors, brightness, light more and sons.
These toy was created with the power intention to be carried, has led and mounted of easy form. Using many materials as velcro, plastic to full with air, polypropylene, the fabric, leds, water and sand. Allowing child to mount it’s in accordance with is imagination, all the elements can be changed of place or mounted in accordance with the will of the child.
Exist tree types of plastic full of air, all they cylinders, but with different characteristics, ones with velcro in the bases, others with velcro in the bases and to the length and others with velcro in the bases and its interior colorful polypropylene balls. Velcro makes possible constructs it, therefore they exist one series of colorful balls that make the union with the plastic cylinders, the balls are cameras of air coated with alcatifa, making possible with that velcro glue in the balls. Although still exist a panel of alcatifa that make possible to hang in any of the parts, in which if they can display one series of different sets, such as, boxes with water, boxes with sand, boxes with light, boxes with sounds and mirrors. Being able the child to interact with them inside or it are of construction.
Simples, amused, interactive and intuitive this toy intends to awake imagination and the directions of the child´s, being made to create them new imaginaries every day.