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My Days

by Laura Janet

My Days time management and building block toy meets the objectives of teaching mathematical principles and time management to 5-6 year olds. Children can learn tangibly how activities can “fit” into a day. My Days also appeals to the child’s desire to plan and follow a set routine.

Each facade of the product displays a unique feature related to day planning and understanding. The bottom face includes a counter number for the time value of each activity. The ruler measurement motif on one side reflects this time value learning. The other sides display the activity in pictures, words, and fun graphics.

Blocks offer the opportunity for divergent play; there are several ways to interact with the system. A clear plastic case (pictured in fig. 4) provides a physical boundary to illustrate that of an actual day. The case also functions as storage for the blocks and as its retail packaging. The blocks can be made of a local sustainable wood or woody plant with faces attached using adhesive derived from natural (vegetable) sources. The product is minimal in structure and packaging and flexible in its use for educational play.