Child’s Play

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by Roozbeh Mehdigholi
Co-authors: Ms.Nasim Mohamadi , Mr. Mahmuod Keshavarz and Mr . Amir Ghorbani

desy :
Trying for reach an educational object which encourages children as a sustainable developed plan for future of them is the main theme of this brand. desy is D as Design, E as Environment, S as Science and Y as "You are keeper of environment."
In fact, desy is a strategic play which will educate 6 years children in kindergartens or home by tutors, parents or sweepers. Desy is a continuous game by working on playing process, children should do something for cleaning and maintaining environment. It is designed for various levels from 1st up to 4th which depend on children age. This project with goals like: raising keeping cleanness culture, focusing on children law, removing social classes' paradoxes, raising awareness about environment moves to a larger vision. In this vision as a collaborating vision, there are three main parts which includes educational part (kindergartens, schools and etc.), environments rules (sweepers, cleaning machines and etc.), and family (parents, brothers or sisters, friends). Every child receives a desy bag from one of this part, and then he/she should full it of garbage at first level. Desy bag is designed for different level of filing, which for the low level child will give one desy card and high level, will give four cards. Every night sweeper comes to home's door and will receive desy bag. He will give desy card as gift and give back desy bag to child for filing it next time. When child collect cards he/she can experience various entertainments like foods, cinema, game, and etc. in other case with each card child can receive different parts of desy city and playing different roles and social jobs with trying ion desy doctor, desy engineer, desy teacher and etc. for educating their knowledge about social life and city life.