Child’s Play

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play and eat

by Cristina Pujol
Co-authors: Alejandro Estevez Vega

The product goes destined to children between 4 and 8 years. This period that includes these ages, is characterized by the capacity of the child to use its imagination to make any type of activity, coverall when he plays. The product tries to take this imagination to the scope of the food and simultaneously to stimulate that the children eat fruit, since to eat it stops it being an obligation and it becomes a game. Also it plays with the idea that the children using their imagination can turn with simple stickers a fruit an object, a doll.
The product consists of a leaf of stickers with different drawings that the boy takes and beats on the fruits previously chosen by himself giving to the food a face expression. The child decides between a series of eyes and mouths, forming his figure, its ephemeral doll. Once the child has let play, he doesn’t must tidy up his toys, just eats them. As normally the fruit eats without the skin there isn’t any problem to ingest the stickers. The product would be sold in the packages of fruit, in this way if the boy goes to buy can choose the personages of the game to his pleasure. In each package of fruit come 8 stickers, with which the boy can play and also to collect. This type of stickers normally is used to indicate in the fruits the mark or the denomination of origin of the product.
This product is ecological because most of this this constituted of biodegradable organic matter (the fruits) and a small part, the stickers, is made in paper with beats nontoxic.