Child’s Play

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Fancy Space

by zaira santoro

Fancy –Space
The game is addressed to seven-year-old children or over. It may be played by two or more people.
It has the aim of developing children’s fancy and creativity from the visual, logical-expressive and manual point of view.
It consists in a toy theatre whose main characteristic is that the child has to create the scenery, the characters and the text without any rules, so that he/she can freely express his/her personality.
The game is composed of various elements that can be easily mortised to create a toy theatre
of 42X 60X60 cm.
The base is formed by 5 sheets of plastic material of 42X60X0.6 cm that are mortised one upon the other at a distance of 1.2 cm. Four of them interchangeable and painted with various types of floors and a fifth fixed.
The background is a metal sheet that may be depicted as a common magnetic board or decorated with some elements taken from 8 magnetic pre-cut sheets representing different surroundings.
Two vertical metal panels getting on cloth curtains can be fixed at the two sides of the stage.
At last the characters are formed by 6 metal silhouettes (20X7 cm) that can be transformed with the help of different faces and dresses pre-printed on 4 pre-cut magnetic sheets or by painting them at pleasure.
They can be moved by the players by means of some sticks of plastic materials with a core of metal, a rubber handle and a magnet at the opposite side, inserting them under the sheet representing the floor.
And now painting and sticking magnets you have created your scene.
All is ready to begin……
And continue to play !