Child’s Play

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by iwsn

More than finding your place in the world, Kid-Architect is about making it.

Through the use of the most basic building block of space of our time – the box – children can explore the composition of space, forming it as they wish and improvising as they play.

Applying the simple box layout promotes an intuitive understanding of form and function, making the play process more accessible.

Suitable for children ages 5-11 Kid-Architect helps create a sense of space and volume while developing the child’s ability to take into account multiple aspects of problem solving by enabling him to form various shapes/spaces using the same given objects.

With simple design and choice of basic materials it may be used in a variety of ways over different periods of time. By using more panels you increase the volume of buildable space as well as the number of options for this three dimensional composing.
As children grow, Kid-Architect grows with them.

Kid-Architect is made from recycled foam cut into 60X60X1.5cm pieces. Each two pieces are glued together with an added rip-stop cloth protruding from one side in order to attach permanently to other pieces.
The temporary connection of pieces during the game is done with Velcro attached to the edges. In order to be able to connect any two parts together Velcro is assembled in a way which produces no two similar strips thus eliminating the dependence on a polarized system.