Child’s Play

Competition Details


by Ernesto Venanzi

The greenhouse effect is overheating our world, the biggest nation of the earth gathers to try to refrain the pollution emissions. In this scene the most important thing is to make the people conscience aware on the uses of the clean energy. Hydrogame is a game that takes advantage of the fuel cell tecnology, teaching their working. The game board is a base where you can assemble the necessary elements to start the electrical production: a tank of water where happens electrolysis, to separate hydrogen from oxygen, three tanks that conteins hydrogen and a fuel cell for the electricity production. It’ s a stage game where, when you pull dices, you come on a square that lead you back to specific questions. When you come on a square with a red jack you must answer to questions about land pollution, when you come on a square with a blu jack you answer to questions about the application of hydrogen potential, coming on a square with the yellow jack you must answer to questions about how clean energies works. After you have aswered right to 3 consecutive questions of the same color you can assemble the corrisponding element on the game board. When all elements are on the right place the game is concluded and the fuel cell can produce electricity that can be used to charge objects through USB door.