Child’s Play

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Simple Things

by Alexandra Campbell

A wooden stool, plank, and box playfully intertwine to create surfaces at different heights. Each component corresponds with a traditional seating or desk height while the formal ambiguity of the set allows for it to transcend traditional usage, encouraging interpretation and play. These things can serve as seating, surface or storage, but may also become platforms for the imagination. Designed for children aged six and up, this furniture set is focused around growth- both physical and psychological.

Whether it becomes a castle, a shop counter, or a low desk for drawings, the functional properties of this piece are left up to the child. As that child grows older the simplicity of these structures allows for its uses to become more practical for the home environment. It may be used as a low shelf, a bench, or a table at a later stage in that person’s life. To enhance usefulness and curiosity, features such as a hole, groove, or ledge are integrated into these components to inspire other imaginative uses. These things become handles, places for connections, and cavities for the creative storage of objects.

Physically and functionally, this piece is designed to last a lifetime. Children are encouraged to move and change their furniture as they see it useful. With an underlying them of longevity in mind, Simple Things interprets aspects of ambiguity, simplicity and material integrity in order to promote objects of multi-generational value.