Child’s Play

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why a horse ?

by alejandro estevez vega

This product is directed at children aged between 2 and 5 years. At this age also known as “the scribble age”, the child begins to use drawing as a means of expresion, and movement becomes a basic element in various fantastic and imaginary situations. It is a time of experimentation and growth where the senses are awoken and imagination takes flight.
The project is the simplification of the usual rocking-horse, but in the case it leaves room for this powerful weapon: imagination, the child can draw on the blackboard sides and thus ride on his or her own fantasies.
The product is made of 10 mm thick plywood, which is almost completely recyclable and its recuperation is possible, for instance, to make agglomerate, it is shaped by milling and finished with a coat of blackboard paint.
It is sold dismantled, facilitating transport and storage.
The construction, although simple, must be done by one adult. The different pieces can fit together, with a couple screws at key points.