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MOTAPI - more than a pillow

by Kuni

MOTAPI – MOre Than A PIllow, even everything is said by the toy’s name:
Inspired by the shape of clouds, which change and change and change and in which it’s almost possible to see whatever you want to see, this pillow can be changed by its little owner. So it resembles the idea of the miracle of changeableness.
Kids who play with MOTAPI are age 3-5, they explore different shapes on their own by crumpling their pillow with the help of elastic tape and different ribbons. Next to finding new forms they also can trie to plait the fixed ribbons, arranging the forms to artworks, and and and… The extra-ordinary filling is again made of pillows: 10 little ones filled with wadding, cherry-stones (which can be heated) and plastic granulate make it possible to get the best forming results.
The simple idea of MOTAPI - just transforming a pillow - makes it easy to use it longer than just as an infant’s-toy: By cutting of the elastic tapes the pillow as well as its filling-pillows can be used even in a funny student’s appartement.