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Hex-Trax Toy Car Track

by Tomas Nielsen


Hex-Trax is an infinitely configurable track for toy cars (Matchbox, Hot Wheels, etc). It consists of multiple identical Baltic birch plywood pieces based on a hexagonal shape with jigsaw puzzle-like connectors on each side. The pieces are six inches across, and have the familiar feel of wooden toys. Children can construct their own routes by connecting any side of a piece with any side of another piece. The tracks themselves are recessed within the piece, and routes can be straight, curved or even loop around across themselves. What the track looks like and where it goes is up to the creativity of the child.


Hex-Trax is aimed at children between the ages of 3 and 6. This age group is forming abstract problem solving skills and Hex-Trax gives the flexibility to explore any flat surface with an unquestionable favorite: toy cars. Pleasing to the touch, the interlocking pieces are satisfying to connect. This action builds coordination, tactile confidence, and a sense of accomplishment at the completion of a track. The track sits recessed 1/8” below the top surface, and provides a further exercise in spatial motorability and dexterity in terms of keeping the car “on track”.

Material and Production:

-Sustainably harvested, low formaldehyde 3/8” Baltic birch plywood
-Low waste due to high yield nesting for CNC production.
-Solvent-free, water-based, zero VOC stain
-Water based urethane finish